Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rocket Man

I watched The Astronaut Farmer tonight. I got a kick out of it when one character said that liftoff was at "Zero hour, 9 am."

Last weekend I was watching Season 1 of Heroes, in which George Takei had a short recurring role. After his first appearance, he gets in a car and drives away--the license plate of his car was NCC1701.

I love it when I get the inside jokes in shows.

If you want a hilarious movie that's nothing but inside jokes, mostly about science fiction, watch Free Enterprise. Shatner plays himself.


Ellen K said...

Believe it or not, once upon a time quite a few years ago, right after Star Wars came out, we saw Shatner "in concert" with the Dallas Symphony doing dramatic readings along with various John Williams pieces. Strange evening. Even stranger that we went-I still can't remember why.

rightwingprof said...

Or Galaxy Quest.

Scott McCall said...

i dont get the NCC1701 thing.

what's that have to do with anything?

and what's zero hour?

MikeAT said...

Many moons ago (our college years as I recall) I was in a Star Trek trivia contest and I met the man who had Louisiana plate NCC-1701….it was on a 1970 or so big station wagon. I would have expected at least a Mustang or a Vette but moma-mobile!....NOOOOOOOO!

Darren said...

Scott, tell me you're kidding.

And Galaxy Quest was like humor-porn for Star Trek fans. GREAT movie!

Scott McCall said...

nope...not kidding

...i dont get it

Darren said...

You didn't click on the link. "Zero hour, 9am" is a line in Elton John's song Rocket Man. NCC-1701 was the registration number of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek.