Saturday, January 19, 2008

President Reagan

There's a very interesting discussion about President Reagan over at The Volokh Conspiracy. I'm genuinely enjoying the give and take in the comments. I was only 15 when Reagan was campaigning the first time, and I was a big fan--but I don't remember anyone then attacking him as a racist.

The VC discussion is giving me a fascinating insight into how liberals see things, about how two people with two different sets of beliefs can look at the exact same thing and draw two very different conclusions.


Babbie said...

Well, I was more than 15 when Reagan ran. I was around when Reagan made his mark with his Goldwater speech. Anyone who thinks he made appeals to racists doesn't know what he or she's talking about or has been smoking something.

allen said...

The apocryphal story about Reagan, with regard to race, was that when he was in Eureka college, during an away game at his home town, he put up two black players in his parent's home whom the local hotel wouldn't put up.

I'm trying to find some support for the story.