Sunday, January 06, 2008

Middle School Is Da Bomb!

From Florida:

Residents near a local middle school said they find it hard to believe that no one knew about the World War II bombing range the school was built on.

The Army Corps of Engineers detonated 400 pounds of explosives found on the school property on Saturday.

"We were able to explode and render safe 49 23-pound bombs," Mike Fulford of the Army Corps Of Engineers said.

Lots of video at the link above.


Matthew K. Tabor said...

49 x 23 = 400lbs?

Ellen K said...

There was a similar situation in Arlington TX. An area that was developed for homes was a former target range for fighters being designed at what is now Vought. People tried to put in sprinkler systems and pools and found all kinds of ordnance. When you think about all the areas the military decommissioned when Congress was closing bases, it makes you wonder what was going on with these properties before they were turned over for civilian use.