Friday, January 11, 2008

Making A Point With Budget Cuts

There are many state parks being considered for (temporary) closure due to budget cuts. Sadly, here in Sacramento some of the most interesting educational and historical sites are on the list.

The 48 parks (around the state) proposed for closure are scattered around the state and include redwood forests, a remote beach and numerous historic sites. Closing the sites would eliminate 136 positions, and help the parks department cut about 8.9 percent – or $13.3 million – from its general fund budget.

The parks would be put in caretaker mode, and reopened when the budget situation improves...

(In addition to Sutter's Fort): the historic Governor's Mansion at 16th and H streets, and the tiny State Indian Heritage Museum next to Sutter's Fort, where Swiss immigrant John Sutter established the first non-Indian settlement in the Central Valley at what is now 27th and L streets in bustling midtown.

Heck, my school district isn't big on field trips anyway.


Polski3 said...

I saw a list of the proposed closures for our state parks and beaches.....I often don't get to go to many of these nice places, but when I do, three of my favorates are on the list ! ( South Carlesbad State Beach, Montana de Oro SB and Will Roger's SHP).

Its a sad day when a State such as California can't afford nice parks for its residents and visitors.

Ellen K said...

While I personally LOVE parks, and Texas has some beauties, there are some parks which are outdated, outmoded and simply in such a state of disrepair that it makes more sense to close them until they can be upgraded. What sense does it make having dangerous roads, bridges or facilities that can create a lawsuit when you can preserve the area for later redevelopment?