Tuesday, January 15, 2008

German Air Force Academy

I got an email from a former student today. He's currently a junior at the Air Force Academy, and has been notified by the Department of Foreign Languages that he's one of 4 cadets who have been chosen to attend the "Officer School of the Air Force" in Germany during spring break. Rough duty!

I was an exchange cadet at the US Air Force Academy for the 1st semester of my junior year, and to the Royal Military Academy for two weeks during the summer before my senior year. Such programs provide valuable experiences to all concerned.

Again: congratulations, cadet!


Wesley Fryer said...

Darren: What year did you graduate USAFA and which squad? I'd guess '88 or '87. I graduated in '92, CS-05. I was a summer exchange cadet to Peru in '91, one of the best programs I did. Congrats to your firmer student!

I'd be interested to learn what he finds the German cadets perceptions are at this point of US foreign policy, Iraq in particular. It would also be interesting to learn if and how the views of German cadets differ from civilian Germans and if generalizations can be made. International travel is a great teacher and provides multiple learning opportunities not soon forgotten!

Darren said...

I graduated from West Point in '87. Was in Viking 9 while at USAFA.

I, too, am interested in what their military folks think.

Cadet Bartlett said...

I will do my best to find out.

When I was in Germany last summer I spoke with a family who thought all Americans were in love with President Bush and supported him fully. I was suprised how much they follow our elections and know about politics.

Now I will find out from the German Cadets and see what they think.