Sunday, January 06, 2008

Democrat Candidates and the Surge

I didn't watch the debates last night--couldn't care less, really, as I know who I support and who I don't. Everything I've read today, though, says Gibson was a good moderator.

I enjoyed this one post on the topic, though:

Democratic Candidates Squirm to the Iraqi Surge Dance

You've got to love the way that question was phrased.
ABC News commentator Charles Gibson gave the Democratic presidential candidates a thorough tongue lashing over their (wrong) stands on the Iraq War and in particular on their continual insistence that the troop surge had not worked. ABC started the segment with a video clip showing the remarkable success of the Bush troop surge.

The democrats still couldn't admit it even though the facts were just laid out in front of them.

I must admit, the video was pretty damning.

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Ellen K said...

I have always considered Charlie Gibson one of the most reasonable and knowledgeable journalists from the old schools of responsible journalism. I was glad to see him as the moderator for the debates and frankly, it was funny as all get out to see the Democrats squirm. And I am betting that's not the last time it's going to happen. He was such a welcome breath of fresh air over the previous bozos. Could we instate him as the permanent moderator, please?