Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It's been three years, and a couple thousand posts, since I started this blog. It's a labor of love (and ego), one I enjoy immensely. Thank you for visiting here.

And if you think they'd like it, send the URL to your friends! I'd love to increase my readership.


Donalbain said...

Congrats and happy BlogDay!
I disagree with almost everything you write, but I enjoy reading you immensely. Thank you for spending your time to entertain us all. Good luck with the next three years!

Ellen K said...

Happy Blogaversairy. I wish I could be half as successful as you have been.

Darren said...

There are a few ways to define blogging success. One is with page views, another is with advertisement revenue--neither of which define me as very successful. If I've achieved any success at all in blogging, it's in having attracted a number of high quality commenters and contributors--and EllenK, you definitely fall in that category. Thank you.

allen said...

Yeah, happy blogiverserrary. Doesn't this make your blog about a hundred and fifty in Internet years?

Darren said...

Allen, you're another. Thank you for all your contributions.

Dana said...

Well congratulations! My very first post on my very first blog was August 8, 2005. At the encouragement of some people on an e-list, I began posting summaries of my lessons in my homeschool.

I never thought it would turn into anything else. It is amazing how many connections you can make through blogging.

I'm glad you kept up with it!

brook stevens said...

So the Sea Cadets have yet again offered a great opportunity (this is just in case i dont see you between now and the call)

There is an Australian International Exchange to work with the australian royal navy and royal cadets .... all for a massive $200 for 2 weeks! All expenses and air fair paid for by the sea cadets

so the application process is a little intense s only2 cadets that apply are accepted so they asked for 3 references and i gave my co, you and an admiral i know

see you later