Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back From Reno

Today, the first of three storms hit California and the Sierra. Two more are expected before early next week, and one news report said this succession could be among the worst Sierra storms in recorded history--10 feet of snow by early next week. There's talk of blizzard conditions on Friday, with no visibility.

We watched the 5pm local news, and already chains were required over Donner Summit. My dad wanted to leave then, but I told him that we'd have to put chains on in the dark anyway, so we may as well go enjoy a good buffet dinner before leaving. The buffet at Circus Circus fit the bill. We left Reno at 7:17 pm.

Under ideal driving conditions I can get to/from Reno in 2 hrs. We had to put on chains over the summit, for maybe 15 miles, but still got home in under 3 hrs.

Great trip, nice pictures--to be posted tomorrow!


rightwingprof said...

Donner Pass? So did you get a sudden craving for barbecued human?

Darren said...


Before we left I joked with my dad: "In case we get stuck in the car for a few days--I probably don't taste very good."

Darren said...

And as I recall, the Donner Party was meticulous in ensuring that people didn't eat "kin".