Friday, January 18, 2008

Affirmative Action In Elections and College Admissions

The MSM groupthink this week was that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Democratic candidates for their party's presidential nomination, have called off their little racial and gender tiff. I wasn't alone in the blogosphere enjoying watching the vanguard of political correctness, the Democratic Party, warring against itself over which group, women or blacks, was the more aggrieved party.

But now they're calling back the dogs. From Discriminations (see blogroll):

“Sen. [Barack] Obama and I agree completely that neither race nor gender should be a part of this campaign,” New York Sen. Hillary Clinton said
Yeah, right. And if you believe this, you’ll believe that if we have a Clinton-Obama or an Obama-Clinton ticket, you’ll never hear anything during the ensuing campaign about historical firsts, ceilings being broken, etc.

I don't believe her any more than John does. As he so often does, though, John distills the moment to its essence:

I wish, just once, that, upon hearing this “no race, no gender” nonsense from the Democrats’ dueling duo, some intrepid reporter would ask, “ Well, Senator(s), if you believe race and gender should play no role in selecting a president, why do you continue to believe they should play such large roles in selecting college students and employees?”


Eric W. said...

Affirmative action is just pro-minority racism.

Darren said...

That's partly why I don't support it.

Ellen K said...

I posted something on one of my blogs here:
figured you would probably not appreciate my posting the entire thing here.

Darren said...

Are all of those yours? If so, WOW! You post more often than I do!

Lillian said...

If either Barack or Hillary are elected as POTUS (ouch) all of America will have to put free speech on hold for the duration of the term(s) - another ouch.
We will have to watch what we say, or we might be accused of gender bias, or racial bias. There will be no honest debate or interjection of opposing ideas to either of these potential candidates unless they are carefully crafted in politically correct terminology. We will have to be careful not to say things that will inflame feminists and blacks, or their surrogates.
You can see it, feel it, and taste it will be much more significant than any concerns about evangelicals, Mormons, age, or experience.
America is not ready for either a female or a black (certainly not liberal females or blacks) because of the confused state of the Democrats in that regard, mixed with their own self-inflicted political correctness.
The traps they have laid for the country, they now find themselves falling into.
As a female and a member of a so-called minority-of-color I freely admit that I do not think I will be able to successfully abide by such a 4-8 year gag order regarding my opinions and comments, which is why I'll stick with the Grand Old Party next November.
Since our President has cheerfully handle the jokes and insults he has received these past eight years from his fellow Americans, I feel that only a white male President will be capable of surviving and withstanding the slings and arrows which will surely be hurled from the American public by way of their Right to Free Speech - at this juncture in our history.
It's the Sensitivity Factor, and the extremists among the Democrats (particularly the feminists and the black victicrats) are EXTREMELY sensitive.

Darren said...

Lillian, I *so* hope you're wrong.

Dr Pezz said...

At a time when civil liberties have been reduced, I'm surprised to hear so much fear over free speech. The simple fact that the Democratic Party has a woman and an African-American candidate speaks volumes about the promotion of equality and forward thinking. I do find fault with the degree of pc speech expected, but to say that free speech will be limited seems to be hyperbole at best.

Lillian said...

Hyperbole is a figure of speech in which statements are exaggerated. It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression, and is not meant to be taken literally. Hyperbole is used to create emphasis. It is often used in poetry and is a literary device.

While you might think my thoughts as non-literal, I'm dead serious about how each of these candidates bring so much PC baggage to this campaign.

They also bring a crew of victicrats, i.e., supporters, who will jump on and twist any comment or criticism made towards them.

You'll see...