Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wow. School Discipline "Responsible" For Kid's Suicide

Here in the beautiful West, here in California, a student ditched school to participate in last spring's immigration rallies. He was disciplined by the school.

That discipline is why he killed himself--or so says his suicide note. And now the school district is in federal court.

I'd say "only in California", but I have a nasty feeling this could happen many places in the US. The EdWonks (see blogroll at right) rightly recommend watching this case closely.


EllenK said...

Give me a break.
Legally if the kid had been in a car wreck while joyriding during the school day, the school would be liable according to some lawyers. Many kids ditched school for those rallies, which were irresponsibly scheduled to disrupt schools. While it's sad a kid committed suicide, I really don't think that was the issue. Kids don't kill themselves over such trivial matters. I think the parents, and probably some politically savvy attorney are trying to make some quick bucks. Knowing school districts and how they work, they will probably get some sort of settlement and a hush clause. Blackmail at the very least. Maybe they will send it back home.

Darren said...

EllenK, here in California, we're *required by law* to let kids leave school, without parental notification or permission, for, among other things, abortions. So if the child is hurt in a car accident on the way, or if the child hurts someone else in a car accident on the way, what adult do we hold responsible?

Brook Stevens said...

I know this doesnt have to do with this but Mr. Hollingsworth was ushering around some japanese delagate the other day i think tuesday and he brought them by Mrs. Siebels 5th hon eng class and it was kinda funny that after they left cuz they just stood at the door and watched that she was all like why the hell would be bring some jap. delagates to an illegal classroom to show them how to do it back home ... by the way we have 43 students i think