Saturday, September 23, 2006

Liberal Press Bias

If you won't accept that there's a liberal bias in the press (no, Limbaugh is not a member of the press) after reading this post, full of quotes from several horses' mouths, then the admonition that there are none so blind as those who will not see applies to you.

Update, 10/4/06: Here's just another example. It's obvious once you know what to look for.

Update #2, 10/4/06: And this from the Los Angeles Times, not known as a Republican rag:

A recent comprehensive study by UCLA political scientist Tim Groseclose and University of Missouri-Columbia economics professor Jeffrey Milyo found Brit Hume's "Special Report" — Fox's most straightforward news show — more centrist than any of the three major networks' evening newscasts, all of which leaned left.
I'm just saying.

And this, from the same article:

Fox's opinion-driven programming gives conservatives and liberals a chance to get a hearing for their ideas. But Democratic politicians and activists who go on Fox also must defend their views, often against tough questioning, something that happens less often on the networks, where most journalists are left-of-center, survey after survey has shown.

I repeat: Los Angeles Times.


Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh calls himself "America's Anchorman."

Cameron said...

Darren said...

CBS News
NBC News
ABC News
The New York Times
The Washington Post
The Los Angeles Times
The San Francisco Chronicle
The Seattle Press-Intelligencer (it's so liberal, I know the name of the freakin' Seattle paper!)
The Chicago Tribune
Time Magazine
The New Yorker

That's enough for now.

Limbaugh correctly acknowledges that he's an entertainer, not a member of the press.

And the fact that neither of you addressed the quotes in the post is *most* telling.

Anonymous said...

"Limbaugh correctly acknowledges that he's an entertainer, not a member of the press."

Why was he on CBS News a couple of weeks ago?

Darren said...

I don't know. Was he anchoring the news for them? Were they interviewing him?

Or did they let him have one of their 60 second "other side" segments, thereby showing which side *they* are on?

Is *anybody* famous who's on the news a member of the press? How about the not-so-famous?

Please don't play dumb. I *do* hope you're playing, but it's not a fun game.

Darren said...

I'll be damned--look what I just found on Coach Brown's site:

About the only reason that I currently Tivo the CBS Evening News is the section called Free Speech, where all kinds of people, from Rush Limbaugh to Morgan Spurlock, take 30 seconds to spew forth a stream of quick consciousness.

Guess I was right about Limbaugh. I was wrong thinking they'd give him 60 seconds. And I didn't know the name of the segment.

So clearly, Limbaugh is *not* officially affiliated with CBS News. He's not a member of the press.


Anonymous said...

Ever heard of FOX news?

Darren said...

Yes. Cameron mentioned it above.

Wow, the fact that libs go nuts over Fox, one lone network, shows how used they are to running the entire board. They can't stand the fact that someone's spoiling their perfect little monopoly.

Darren said...

"Sorry, Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch donated $500,000 to the Clinton Global Initiative last week and hosted a fund-raiser for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton this summer."