Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

The Instapundit (see blogroll at left) had a few links in a Labor Day post, and a couple of them struck my fancy.

A blog from the National Association of Manufacturers about the socialist worker's paradise that is Europe:

Labor for its part laments the state of the US economy -- again -- and points in its new study to how great things are in Europe. This is almost comical, considering the per capita US Gross Domestic Product (also known as the standard of living) is almost 50% higher than Europe's. The 3.5% GDP growth noted above is 35% faster than the EU's. The current 4.6% unemployment rate is half Europe's rate. US workers unemployed for over a year account for just 12% of the total, while in Europe, some 43% of all unemployed have been so for over a year. Finally, the percent of people starting new businesses is five times higher in the US than in France. Ask yourself this question: If you open the borders, which way will people flow -- toward Europe or toward the good ol' US of A? We think we know the answer.

And to the following point I give a hearty "hear hear!":

We remain the largest economy in the world and the economic envy of the world. And that gives us all something to celebrate this Labor Day.

You know what really chaps my butt? Had horseface been elected last year, the press would be fawning over our economic numbers. Their dishonesty and bias know no bounds.

And then there's Mark Steyn, whose powers of observation, augmented by a writing style and wit that are as incisive as they are truthful, make for great reading:

The transformation of Labour Day, from a celebration of workers' solidarity to a cook-out, is the perfect precis of the history of Anglo-American capitalism...

The new received wisdom - forcefully articulated by, among others, Maude Barlow's Council of Canadians at the laugh-a-minute Johannesburg "Earth Summit" - is that the masses themselves are the problem. The oppressed masses refuse to stay oppressed. If they were down in the basement chained to the great turbines, all would be well. But, instead, they insist on moving out of their tenements, getting homes with non-communal bathrooms, giving up the trolley car, putting a deposit down on a Honda Civic and driving to the mall. When it was just medieval dukes swanking about like that, things were fine: That was "sustainable" prosperity. But now, everyone wants in.

This is why capitalism works and socialism does not. Never underestimate the power of the human ego or of greed! Giving people the opportunity to get the best for themselves is what has made America great. What people has socialism made great? Give people an opportunity to improve their lot in life--don't play Robin Hood. To paraphrase a quote from a fairly famous book--don't give someone a fish, teach him to fish for himself.

Of course, the unionists among us will point to the 19th century and the history of the labor movement. Folks, it's the 21st century. Labor unions back then won their battle--but like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, who also won their battle over a decade ago, they keep morphing into something else in order to try to stay relevant. It would be sad, really--like an aging pop star who can't let go of the glory days--if it weren't so dangerous.

Enjoy your barbeque today!

Update: NewsAlert (see blogroll at left) links to an interesting story about labor unions. Here's a snip:

A new Zogby poll has some unwelcome Labor Day news for union officials: Approval of unions is at its lowest point since 1981, and almost three-quarters of workers in the U.S. say they don't want to belong to a labor union.

Since I already said "hear hear" above, can I get an "Amen!"?

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Carson said...

AMEN, Unions ruined some great companies