Friday, September 29, 2006

Idiot of the Week: Oliver Stone

I've considered having a weekly award of some kind, but I wonder if I have the stick-to-it-iveness to keep it going. If I were to have such an award, though, I'd consider creating the Idiot of the Week Award. This week's would go to movie director Oliver Stone, whose intellectual thoughts on terrorism will reverberate throughout the ages.

"We did not fight back in the same way that the British fought the IRA or the Spanish government fought the Basques here. Terrorism is a manageable action. It can be lived with," said Stone.

John Kerry said something like that, and look what it got him--a big "L" on his forehead. You, Oliver, can "live with" terrorism if you so desire; I'd rather be a man about it and work to put an end to that evil. No further commentary on Stone's quote is needed.

If that last quote doesn't cinch the award for you, let's hear what Oliver thinks causes the evil of terrorism:

"That's the evil that turns its mind and ears on humanity and is able to say 'I can kill a person in the name of God or religion.' This is not a human being, this a fanatic. And I fear that fanaticism is the result of our overreaction to 9/11," said Stone.

So Islamic fanatacism and terrorism are the result of our overreaction to 9/11. Then what, exactly, caused 9/11? We hadn't overreacted to it yet! We hadn't overreacted to the Africa embassy bombings, to the USS Cole, to the Khobar Towers, to the '93 World Trade Center Bombing.

The man is obviously an America-hating idiot, or at least has a severe case of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Either way, I hearby heartily offer

The Right On The Left Coast
"Idiot of the Week" Award
Oliver Stone

Stick to movies, pal. Leave philosophy to people with a brain.


Anonymous said...

What planet did you say he came from??

Terrorism can be lived with?? Only because he has never "lived" with it!

Brook Stevens said...

I would have to concur with this one and the USS Cole was a tragic attack

Anonymous said...

So I guess Stone's a bigger idiot than the Republican congressman who resigned this week for sending sexual e-mails to a 16 year old boy?

Darren said...

Yes. That former Congressman actually has to live with the ramifications of his words and conduct. Stone doesn't have to live with "managed terrorism". That Congressman is to suffer the ridicule for his idiocy; Stone will be lionized by other idiots on the Left for his.

Darren said...

The more I read about this guy Foley, the more he seems to be making a run for this award. But Stone retains it.

I'm sure anonymous still doesn't think Stone deserved it.

Dan said...

Hmm...filmmaker's innocuous opinion that no one cares about is more "idiotic" than a pedophile Congressman, even after thought was put into it! Golly!

And you guys bristle at the word "wingnut!"

Darren said...

The Congressman will pay for his idiocy. This exposure is the only way to make Stone pay for his.

And as of right now, I've seen no evidence that the Congressman is a pedophile. He may, however, be an ephebophile.

Is there any evidence yet that he did anything sexual with any of these kids? (Please see there isn't) So far the only allegations I've heard are "overly friendly" emails and sexually charged instant messages.

He's blaming his alcohol addiction. Hmmmm.

EllenK said...

There's no question that Foley should go. But I would have and did say that about many of the congressmen who have had questionable doings. And that's just the whole morality thing and sex, that hasn't even touched the tip of the iceberg on such things as fiscal irresponsibility and out and out lying. Then there's Teddy Kennedy and Chappiquidick. But to be fair,there are also a number of celebrities who seem to get away with murder-literally (See O.J. Simpson and Robert Blake) How long are we going to allow ourselves to be blinded by fame? Pesonally I say do to the congressman what you would to any pervert on the internet. Send him away, make him register and put him in a halfway house. Drug or alcohol abuse is not an excuse for perverse behavior with underage boys. I would also like this rule applied to every jock from middle school through the pros who cheated their way through school and who broke laws and got away with it. Shouldn't justice be truly blind, and all the time, not just for some?

Darren said...

EllenK, I agree with you completely.

And my last comment should say in parentheses "Please say there isn't."

Carson #52 said...

What do jocks have to do with perversity?????