Sunday, September 03, 2006


I was just reading a Thomas Sowell column in the Detroit News, and when I came across this post at Discriminations (see blogroll at left), I decided to juxtapose the two:

Sowell: Can you cite one speck of hard evidence of the benefits of "diversity" that we have heard gushed about for years? Evidence of its harm can be seen -- written in blood -- from Iraq to India, from Serbia to Sudan, from Fiji to the Philippines. It is scary how easily so many people can be brainwashed by sheer repetition of a word.

Discriminations (linking from another commentator):
one of the least diverse groups of people you can find in Michigan is the admissions staff at the University of Michigan: 11 women, 1 male (the receptionist), no white males.

I find those comments interesting.

Update: And here's an extremely interesting story out of Britain.

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Chetly Zarko said...

Here's a manual track to the original story, which you quoted from Discriminations. Thanks. Chet/Power, Politics, and Money.