Monday, September 04, 2006

Definitions of Edubabble Buzzwords

Illinois Loop has a hilarious list of edubabble terms, followed by "What parents think they mean" and "What they really mean". I actually laughed out loud (not merely an LOL of text, but a true outburst) when I read about critical thinking and higher-order thinking.

There's more on the topic here.


Anonymous said...


Darren said...

Anonymous, you *definitely* need to be on the internet more often :-)

"LOL" is internet chat room/text messaging shorthand for "laughing out loud". Sometimes people write LOL to indicate that they thought something was funny, but they weren't in actuality laughing out loud.

I was.

carol said...

That IS great--I'm going to link to it in my campaign spiel about public schools here.

Anonymous said...

That website is fabulousl... every parent and taxpayer needs to read it to understand how they are being taken to the cleaners by snake oil salesmen and school reformers who are robbing them blind and dumbing down their kids.

The best one I hear all the time is 'compete in the global marketplace'. is one of the worst scams, with and CES schools.