Saturday, September 30, 2006

Alberta's Schools

Maybe they're doing things right in Alberta:

Many educators acknowledge that over the past 30 years Alberta has quietly built the finest public education system in Canada. The curriculum has been revised, stressing core subjects (English, science, mathematics), school facilities and the training of teachers have been improved, clear achievement goals have been set and a rigorous province-wide testing programme for grades three (aged 7-8), six (10-11), nine (13-14) and twelve (16-17) has been established to ensure they are met...

The results are also used to improve teaching. There is currently a citywide push to ensure that all children in Edmonton can read competently by grade three (88% now can). Far from fearing private-school competition, the city's public system has embraced it: it has already absorbed three private religious schools (two Christian, one Hebrew). “In Edmonton,” says Angus McBeath, the city's recently retired schools chief, “the litmus test is that the rich send their kids to the public schools, not the private schools.”

And even dropouts in Alberta can drive trucks for the oil industry, making up there the same amount of money I can make teaching in Sacramento. There's something to be said for having a booming economy.

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rightwingprof said...

Alberta is by far the most conservative province in Canada. Think that has anything to do with it?