Thursday, June 01, 2006

Update on the Exit Exam

An additional 4,500 seniors passed the exam at the March sitting. The results from May won't be available until July.

Some districts are opting to allow students who have met all other graduation requirements to walk across the stage with their peers anyway, although they will not receive a diploma.

Let's hope than in July, they'll learn that they actually earned one.


Texas Truth said...

We have a similar policy at some school districts in Texas. If they don't past the TAKS test, they can still walk in graduation, as long as they have all their credits. The graduation cermony is viewed as an "event marking the end of a phase of life" or some such nonsense. Remember the line from the movie "Caddyshack", in which Judge Smails (Ted Knight) said "The world needs ditch diggers too."

Take care and keep up the blogging.

EllenK said...

Once again, I think we need tracking to allow students that are not college bound to pursue programs that will apply to their lives after high school. I must admit, as a Texas parent, I was sweating the results of my junior's TAKS exams. Luckily, he's home free. There are many chances to retake the exams and frankly, most of the exams are pretty simple, but let's face it, the kid who only wants to work on cars or go to work for his dad's contracting company probably would benefit more from business math and writing than literature and foreign language. I don't want to prevent kids from going to college, but I know there are many headed there this fall that have NO BUSINESS IN A COLLEGE CLASSROOM. This includes a number of scholarship bearing athletes. But that is a story for another day....