Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today's Education-Related Election Results

According to the major Sacramento newspaper, with 6.7% of the votes counted, here's what's going on:

  • Prop 81, more money for libraries: 56-44 against
  • Prop 82, tax the rich more to pay for preschool for everyone: 60-40 against
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction: (Democrat) incumbent Jack O'Connell leads the pack with 54% of the vote. He's the first Democrat for statewide office that I've voted for in quite some time.

According to Dan Weintraub, blogger extraordinaire for the above-mentioned newspaper, little San Benito County is the one to watch. It has a fairly good track record of matching up with state results. Checking the Secretary of State's web site, here's what's going on in San Benito County with about 50% of the vote tallied there:

  • Prop 81: 55-45 against
  • Prop 82: 59-41 against
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction: O'Connell leads with 57% of the vote

Of course, we'll see how this all turns out in the morning.

Incidentally, in the Democratic primary for governor, Phil Angelides leads Steve Westly by 5 percentage points in the statewide tally but trails him by about 2 percentage points in San Benito County.

Ballot measures, both in San Benito County and statewide, are available here and apparently are updated every several minutes. Both sets of results for Superintendent of Public Instruction are here, and for those who want to follow the Democratic race for governor, those results are here.

Update, 6/7/06 6:28 am: Here are the results.

Both propositions went down in both San Benito County and statewide. There was less than 1.5 percentage points difference between the two totals. That makes two elections in a row (this one, and the special election last November) in which every proposition has been defeated. Prop 82, Meathead's Preschool Initiative, went down 60-40. How much union money did you spend on that debacle, CTA?

O'Connell won SPI handily, with 54% of the vote in San Benito County and 52% statewide.

Phil Angelides, well-known for negative campaigning and darling of the CTA, won San Benito with 44.2% of the vote vice 47.7% statewide. Steve Westly came in second, 43.3 and 43.5%, respectively.

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