Thursday, June 01, 2006

Senior Prank

I kind of like this one. It's just over-the-top enough that reasonable people should know it's not real, but not so bad that people get hurt or property damaged:

Thursday, June 01, 2006

NEW YORK — As far as proms go, this one had a whole lot more to offer than slow-dances and Kool-Aid ... or at least a group of pranksters said it did.

Perplexed parents of students at Daniel Hand High School in Madison, Conn., were less than pleased when they got a note — on school letterhead, no less — offering a boozy, boneheaded proposal to curb the problem of prom-night partying, WTNH reports.

The letter offered “a more unproblematic solution” to promgoers' attempts to spike their senior sendoff by sneaking banned booze into the bash, saying that if parents signed a permission slip, the prom would cut out the middle man, so to speak, and serve each attendee “eight alcoholic beverages.”

Ok, I admit it. This is a great one.


Texas Truth said...

Sure, and then if the students get drunk and break the law further, the school can say "We ahd the parents' permission."

Scott McCall said...

damn....wish i would have thought about that sooner

EllenK said...

I think that too many parents are far too willing to make dangerous activities have the appearance of safety by giving approval or providing a safe haven. I had never heard of parents renting a hotel room for after the prom until the 90's. I was pretty shocked. There's also been situations where the parents of the popular party kids buy kegs for Sweet Sixteen parties or just leave kids on their own while the parents travel. Then of course there's our own little local pranksters, one from a private school, one from public, that sent a box of drug laced muffins to the local high school teacher's lounge. Everyone wants to excuse this type of behavior and I can't think of one reason why normal people would accept this kind of thing. The only thing I can consider is that many of this generations' parents were raised on Porky's and Animal House and thought that such behavior was real. I guess when reality hit me was my first year back in the classroom, when at orientation the school nurse warned us to always glove up when a kid bleeds because "these kids have sex, lots of it and without very much reservation, so they probably have any number of germs floating in their veins." Scary thought. And the worst ones were almost always the athletes and the cheerleaders. I dont' know why, I guess it's because they are Teflon coated and even when they get caught, they don't get the full measure of punishment.