Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Media Bias

Nope, none here. Nothing to see. Move along, please.

It's only when one sees how the media could present stories that the pervasive liberal bias becomes apparent.


Anonymous said...

On a day like today, when Ann Coulter getting roasted on every network for suggesting that 9/11 widows should pose in Playboy to get more attention, your claims of media bias ring more hollow than usual.

Darren said...

Attacking Ann Coulter--nope, nothing liberal about that!

Granted, she deserves some of it, but it certainly doesn't indicate a lack of liberal media bias.

But your bringing it up speaks tons about *your* biases, anonymous.

BTW, are you really so anonymous?

Errant said...

I don't buy newspapers for the most part because of liberal bias. Ditto for most news programs - liberal bias is so heavy that at times, you don't know what actually happened.

Case in point - Iraq. Does anyone realize that even with the turmoil and fighting there, that many people are better off today than they were when Hussein & his thugs ran things? Whether you agree with the war or not, you should have access to the truth that people - specifically children - are being helped.

And as for Anonymous - traditional liberal tactic - when you can't deny the veracity of what's been shown to you (the article that you linked to, proving the liberal bias) -- attack on a completely unrelated topic (Ann Coulter) to try & draw the attention away from what you can't defend.

EllenK said...

If you want a more current and specific example of media bias, compare how the Marines who are currently shackled in the brig, even though the case has not been investigated because Iraqi authorities are stonewalling to the conspiracy by 17 Muslims in Canada to try and create three OKC style bombs. In the first case, there was a rush to justice and although the actual case is still in the early stages of investigation, many legislators and pundits have already tried these guys without a trial. On the other hand, the 17 people who were conspiring to attack Canada, which in itself is puzzling since Canada has been less that stalwart in supporting the United States in Iraq, have been handled with kid gloves. I realize that the two nations have different laws and court systems, but COME ON....where is the outrage that ever polite and obliging Canada becomes a target for terror? Do you think now maybe some borderline liberals will begin to think about what the goals are of Islamists and their blind followers?