Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Here's A School Where Visible Underwear Isn't Tolerated

At my school we still have a few holdouts, students who still haven't figured out that hanging pants down below your butt so everyone can see your underwear went out of style a few years ago. They still get busted at our school when they do that, and that's ok, but apparently the punishment isn't enough to deter the action in the first place. I'm all about deterrence; I'm tired of seeing boys' underwear. The girls tell me they are, too.

Here's a school, though, where even a picture of a student's underwear isn't tolerated. They cut the page out of the yearbook. Sound extreme? Maybe not:

School officials ripped a page out of hundreds of students' yearbooks because it contained a photograph that showed a student's underwear.

The picture on page 224 showed a female student wearing a skirt and sitting on a desk during a play; a bit of her underwear could be seen.

"The picture was questionable," said school superintendent H. Gordon Pethick. "It's the best way I can describe it."


EllenK said...

It isn't just the boxers showing at our school, which is actually sometimes funny when you see young men loping down the halls holding up their britches. Instead our problem is the young ladies and "whale tails". With the advent of Britney Spear et al, and the low rise jeans, there are too many young ladies showing way more than we need to see. And if you try to enforce it, parents get upset. In fact, I had one mom show up with alternative clothing for her daughter, and she was dressed EXACTLY the same way. It's really pretty provocative. And for what it's worth, it is almost impossible to get most guys' attention when one of these fashion disasters walk in the room.

40 said...

Maybe if it was explained to these young men what the pants worn low meant they would stop.

Did you know that it was a signal from one person to another that they were READY while in jail? And by ready I mean ready to be "taken" and "raped".

Funny how something that would been seen as so horrible by these young men has actually led to a fashion trend!

In my school it is actually dying out.

Darren said...

I've heard that, and I've also heard it's an urban legend. I haven't cared enough to go to Snopes to check on it!

Story I heard was that it signaled that someone was available for "protection", and we all know what the cost of protection is....