Thursday, June 01, 2006


Quite the big gaffe, this one is! Of course, it's not like we didn't know they were nuts. Even their founder says they are.

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EllenK said...

On the subject of protestors, a few years back when my daughter took Seventeen magazine, there was a profile of a teenaged girl that went to Montreal as part of a paid and organized protest team. She talked about the training to avoid pepper spray and batons. She talked about the other protestors that traveled around the world, for pay, in order to disrupt big events like the G7 Summit, Exxon/Mobil meetings and other such public gatherings. It makes me want to Tivo all the protest footage and see if I can recognize people from one world protest to another. While it is certainly their right to protest, doesn't it seem sort of icky and profit oriented to charge for your protest services? I wonder if there is a website???? "Need a crowd, a throng, an unruly mob? Call us. We will be there in a jiffy...." So much for the ethical purity of the extremists.