Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Flags In School

EdWonks (see blogroll at left) has an excellent article about a new law in Arizona, one that mandates flags in classrooms.


Texas Truth said...

We have a similar law in Texas. In fact, both the USA and Texas flags must be displayed. All students are expected to stand and recite the pledges to both flags. Some teachers enforce the policy and others do not. Some even allow them to say them in Spanish. No real punishment takes place if students choose not to. They are pretty much just ignored and allowed to express their right not to respect the flag.

Oh give me the old days, when if you didn't want to pledge allegiance to the flag(s), we could tell you to leave.

Lillian said...

I went to segregated schools until I was in high school, and we always displayed the flag and recited the pledge. Even though we were little second class colored children, we were patriotic. We even sang the National anthem after the pledge - every morning. I guess I was being brainwashed...but it worked!!!

I've never taught in a classroom without a flag. I never considered doing such a thing. The flag is standard equipment to an 'old school' teacher such as myself.

My students know that I am unashamedly patriotic, and they are intrigued by it, since all they seem to hear about in their homes is Mexico, Mexico, Mexico...
Once a student asked why I don't hang the Mexican flag, and I replied that we live in America and Americans display America's flag, while Mexicans display their own flag, in their own country.

He seemed confused...but then this was one of my many American born students who refers to themselves as Mexicans. It took over two trimesters to get them to accept the fact that they are actually Americans, due to the fact that they were born in America.
(Someday, the children of illegals will also be labeled as illegals, but until that day comes...they are American born Americans.)

Frankly, I believe that the American flag should be a required item in all public school classrooms, along with trashcans, and a pencil sharpener.

If anyone disagrees, I'd really like to know the reasons why.