Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tired Of My Posts About San Francisco?

Go to the top left corner of this blog page and type San Francisco into the search engine. You'll see several posts dedicated to telling you why I can't stand that city. Do I need another reason? Probably not, but they gave me one anyway.

Is this really what the taxpayers of San Francisco think their city/county government should be doing, how those local government officials should be spending their time?


Lillian said...

Back in the 70's, I enjoyed my frequent trips to S.F.
But I haven't been to San Francisco in years, and there is a reason. The last time I was there, I was stuck in traffic on my way from the airport in some sort of demonstration by a rowdy, coarse, and belligerent homosexual group.
I passed by a beautifully ornate church where a person was standing at the top of the steps dressed in the robes and large head covering symbolic of an ArchBishop (I shudder to think that he actually might have been).
This person was standing on the church steps holding a huge sign which read - GOD IS GAY.

I have NEVER returned to that city since.

Anonymous said...

Of course, San Franciscans don't view themselves as odd -- no, they're the artsy kids in high school with the dyed hair that know so much more than the rest of us (or so this columnist would have you think)

Anonymous said...

I'm a resident of SF. Whenever the board of supervisors pull these stunts, it's embarrassing. Oh and I voted for Bush BTW.

That being said, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I guess that makes me as nutty as the rest of them.

Lillian, do you remember what church it was that you passed?


Anonymous said...

I am an unapologetic San Francisco progressive. I am glad our board of supes think nationally as well as locally.

I believe God is the spiritual sum of all of us, and so there is some truth in the statement God is Gay. (and straight, and male, and female...)

I am happy to stop my car for a political rally. In fact, it warms my heart.

Ah, and I am a Christian and my heroes are two wonderful Christian presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Darren said...

Most Recent Anonymous:

Well you're living in the right place. But that sure must be an interesting Bible you're reading.

Anonymous said...

As a truck driver San Fracsico is a night mare. Between the traffic and the regulations it makes it almost impossible to do my job in the area...