Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sticker Shock

In the mail today I received a packet from Norwich University. It contained information about their Masters in Military History program, a 2-year online masters degree.


This is for a degree that, except for one week at the end of the program, is done entirely online.

I love the subject matter, and have no doubt I'd be personally enriched by such a program. But what's the point of being enriched when I'm made poor by the cost? I could get a degree in "instructional technology" or somesuch from National for half that cost.

What the heck are they thinking???


Brian Most said...

This has been the result of the insanely low interest rates and qualification standards for student loans. There are accredited schools for dog trainers costing upward of $3,000 per week for 8-week degrees.

Coach Brown said...

I looked into Norwich for the same thing before we bought the house, and had the same reaction. For less, you can get an online International Relations degree (if that is what you are gunning for) at Troy State. Check that out instead.

By the way, now you are on their call list. Expect to be rung up every six months about your interest in the school. I just got a called on Monday, in my classroom, by a Norwich guy who didn't understand that I was in the middle of class.

EdWonk said...

Isn't that what the Education Industry is about nowadays?

Everybody gets rich except the teacher who is in the classroom doing the actual work.

Darren said...

Troy State, huh? Perhaps I'll look into that.

It would be oh-so-convenient for me if there were one clearinghouse for all online degrees available. You look up the degree you want and the site would tell you who, if anyone, offers it.

And Edwonk? Maybe I'm gonna have to write a textbook or something. Or write an online course!