Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Saddams Weapons, Redux

Lefties won't believe the Duelfer Report. They probably won't believe an Iraqi general, either.

Now I have no way of knowing whether this man is telling the truth or not. But I find it interesting that I only find out about his comments from Instapundit, not from network news or

Jon Stewart interviews the guy and he says there were weapons of mass destruction? I wonder how Jon took that. Like the post says, Jon isn't known as a mouthpiece for the Bush Administration.


Lillian said...

I watched this interview today. It was astounding to see Jon's reaction to the news that WMD's WERE in Iraq, and that Saddam had them driven and flown to Syria just before our troops arrived.
The general told Jon that the report will be out soon, and he promised that he was telling the truth (Jon was just short of asking him 'pinky finger promise'?)
I hope you get to see this interview. I wonder what Stewart will do now that all of his words against our President and our reason for invading Iraq have to be eaten.
The biggest miracle of this interview is how it was arranged in the first place. I'm sure if Stewart had known what Azziz was going to say, it would not have taken place.
Or maybe Jon Stewart is really open minded, fair, and balanced after all.

Lillian said...

I inadvertently referred to the General as Azziz. His name is Iraqi General George Sada.
My apologies...

Darren said...

I'm not ready to believe this general just yet, even though (and partly because) he's saying what many have surmised all along. I would like more evidence.

But it won't matter to the left. They'll just claim that there wasn't *that many* such weapons, certainly not enough to harm the US. Or they'll argue that Iraq was a sovereign country--who are we to say they can't develop whatever weapons they want? Or something else.

The left is nothing if not predictable.