Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Patriot's History of the United States

I wonder how many teachers and professors will put this book on their reading lists....


elementaryhistoryteacher said...'s on mine:)

Speaking of Silent Cal I remember something about he liked to play jokes on people and was prone to wandering the White House at night to make a sandwich. It's late and I might be mixed up but I remember something like that.

Bob Denham said...

The truth is out ...

I have quit my job to become a high school history teacher. Currently I'm back in college (as a 50-year-old). My two favorite reference books are:

1) Paul Johnson: A History of the American People

2) A Patriot's History of the United States.

No Howard Zinn allowed here. I have referenced both the Johnson and the Patriot's History on research papers in footnotes and none of my profs has ever said anything about either one. Paul Johnson is simply a beauty to read no matter what he writes.

Mike T said...

Many moons ago (I think I was in the 6th Grade) I had a great American history book. One feature I remember of it was every 20 pages or so you would get a side paragraph for “Great Americans”. Alexander Graham Bell might get a half page. Lincoln or Washington would get a page or page and a half. It empathized the significance of several men and women in the history of this country.

I’ll bet the latest versions of history books in public school really don’t show much respect to great Americans…too many victims of our country (The Indians, blacks, women, gays etc) to list great Americans.