Wednesday, March 15, 2006

No Pink Slip Blues

Layoff notices in our district were sent out last Friday. When I didn't get the little yellow notice in my mailbox at home, telling me to come to the post office to suffer the ignominy of having to sign for my layoff notice, I assumed I was safe. A short chat with my principal on Monday confirmed that only our rookie and sophomore teachers got such notices.

This is my 9th year of teaching, my 5th in this district.


The Smack said...

Congratulations! now no need to stress out over what the next year has to offer. Time to celebrate....did someone say southern comfort?

Darren said...

Someone *might* say that. The next time you're home. *If* there weren't "issues" of underage drinking!

Polski3 said...

Good to Hear.... of course, there is such a GLUT of math teachers in California.......:-)