Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Great Quote About Liberals

From PowerlineBlog:

Sadly, I think a great many liberals are this stupid. Worse, I think that many liberals...are so far gone in hatred of President Bush that everything they say and do is said and done in bad faith. Like Jack Murtha, they have lost any ability to distinguish truth from fiction, and any desire to do so.


Anonymous said...

this comment doesnt really fit with this post. But your idea that it would be a legitamite case if someone argued that a father s hould have a right to terminate reasponsibility for a child (child support) is now going to courts in michigan.


Darren said...

You're right, it doesn't fit with this post, but that's ok. Let's discuss.

I assume we'll have the NOW agreeing with a man's right to terminate responsibility--since the woman is exercising her *right* to keep the child and since the NOW doesn't think men are anything but power-mongers and potential rapists anyway. I'm sure they'll argue that a child is probably best kept far from its father.

But there's money involved. For women. Scratch all that.

Anonymous said...

the article i was reading said the judge will probably say, "your right it is unfair, but that is the law" and then the supremes wont take it. thats how i see it turning out. the only argument against it is "the woman carries the baby" but then my question is, so can a surrogate mother have an abortion. This does add and interesting wrinkle to the abortion debate.


gbradley said...

Oh yea I think that it really doesn't matter what GW does, it will be construed as being wrong by the left.
That's why the Port deal tanked.
If Bush had been interested in investigating the Port deal, the Media would have screamed bloody murder "how dare he interfere with private business!"
You just can't please those people.

Jill said...

Nice to know there are other right-wingers out there in the west. From one teacher to another...keep up the good work.

Darren said...

Thanks, Jill, and welcome!