Monday, March 20, 2006

Blue Angels Pictures


Coach Brown said...

I used to go to Moffet Field and watch the Blue Angels every year in October. "The sound of freedom" is what a co-worker called the roar of the F-18's. Ahhh, beautiful!

Glad you had fun.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I really like 5 and 7.

A friend of mine was state Teacher of the Year and got to ride in a Blue Angel-- the #$@%! wouldn't let me take her place, though, even though she was terrified and wasn't sure she'd go through with it. I was SO jealous I could scream.

Darren said...

When I was an exchange cadet at the Air Force Academy, the Air Force football team was pretty good. For the Navy-Air Force game that year, somehow the following deal got made: if Air Force won that game, the AF exchange cadets at Navy would get an F14 ride. If Navy won, the Navy exchange midshipmen would each get a ride in some high-speed, low-drag 2-seat air force jet (T-38?).

As I recall it was close that year, with Air Force pulling it out in the last minutes. The zoomies got their F14 ride, but I don't think they got to go on/off a carrier.

A few weeks later was the Army-Air Force game. We lost 45-7. Maybe the exchange zoomies at West Point got to ride in a tank or something.