Friday, March 10, 2006

Anti-Gay School Broadcast

On the first day, a few students talked about supporting gay rights, and no one paid much attention.

On the second day, a school counselor talked about respecting each other, and no one paid much attention.

On the third day, a few students spoke against homosexuality and a teacher said it is ''wrong according to the Bible'' -- and people noticed very much.

That final segment of a Miami Sunset Senior High television project roiled the normally placid West Dade campus, drew sharp response from both students and teachers and has raised questions about the free exchange of ideas and religion in public schools.

Interesting. Read the whole thing.

Another hat tip goes to EIA.


Walter E. Wallis said...

Another one way street.
I am opposed to campus organizations that encourage students to declare a sexual preference before they are mature enough to know what they are doing.

Darren said...

As Mike at EIA says, it'll be great to watch all those free-speech-loving lefties who are defending Jay Bennish in Colorado switch sides when it comes to this case in Florida.

Anonymous said...

but the first 2 broadcasts didn't attack heterosexuality the way the third attacks homosexuality. how does that weigh in?

Darren said...

Anonymous, I don't think it should weigh at all. For starters, the third statement was something along the lines of "The Bible says that homosexuality is wrong." That is a true statement. It's very different from "Homosexuals are deviants who deserve to die by having stone walls toppled on them."

Anonymous said...

hi Darren, you are right. thanks for responding.