Thursday, March 09, 2006

Abortion Rights For Men

There's a case in Michigan that, if I were a betting man, will get thrown out of court. Legislatures are the appropriate places to solve this problem, not courts. Again, courts are supposed to *interpret* the law, not make law, and while current child support laws (and lack of abortion rights for men) are certainly unfair I'm not convinced they're illegal.

I've written about Men's Right To Choose here, and here's a view from a person who's not entirely sympathetic to the Michigan case.


Mike T said...


What narcotics are you on? Are you expecting consistency, intelligence and a lack of hypocrisy from the 3rd Branch of government?

Remember around 1980 a man took a small aircraft, illegally modified it to fly it from the rear seat, then in direct violation of the orders of the airfield owner (who had placed another aircraft on the field to prevent it's use) attempted to take off. He crashed, killing his passenger. Who's at fault? Cessna of course.

It will be interesting to see how this goes through the courts. I hope it does get thrown out. We already have enough of men dodging their responsibilities in this country. If a court says “Don’t worry guys, it’s not any of your fault…” can you imagine how much more crap that will cause.

Darren said...

It should get thrown out because this is a legislative issue, not a judicial issue.

But legislatures need to address it as an equality issue.