Monday, January 16, 2006

School Choice

From this article I like the "standing in the schoolhouse door" statement, an obvious reference to the civil rights era. I also like this quote from the Milwaukee superintendent:

The irony is that public educators in Milwaukee believe choice has helped improve all the city's schools. "No longer is MPS a monopoly," says Milwaukee Public Schools superintendent William Andrekopoulos. "That competitive nature has raised the bar for educators in Milwaukee to provide a good product or they know that parents will walk." The city's public schools have made dramatic changes that educators elsewhere can only dream of.

Go figure.

And they're going to screw it all up. Go figure.

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Old Math said...

The education of poor kids in an inner city public school conflicting with the interests of a teacher's union? It puts a the Democratic party in a dilemma but they have managed to consistently resolve in favor of the unions.

Even when the state run monopoly goes against the interests of individual teachers the unions still prevail. Impressive.