Friday, January 13, 2006

San Francisco

Does trouble come in threes?

In the last 15 minutes of reading I came across three separate articles referring to San Francisco. For those of you who have never been to Baghdad By The Bay you truly have no idea how leftie that city is. I would tell you things and you would say, "There's no way any city could be that crazy!" And you'd be wrong. They truly are in a different world over there on that peninsula.

So here are the three stories I found about San Francisco. In the first we learn about a school board meeting in which local parents try to keep certain schools from being closed. In the second we learn about the value San Francisco lefties place on free speech. The third is a photo/written essay about a day trip to the City.

If you're still not convinced that San Francisco is leftier than you ever imagined, here are a few past posts from yours truly to help bring you to reality:

San Francisco votes to keep all military out of all schools.
Can't say bad things about "protected groups" of people at city council meetings.
San Francisco city government helps convince US government that "dyke" isn't a derogatory term.
And since I should say one thing nice about that city so that you can't say I'm completely biased against it:
San Franciscans can rent live Christmas trees instead of chopping others down.

They're nuts. Every last one of them.

Update, 1/15/06 1:30 pm: Still don't believe me? Here are some anti-war protesters heckling Nancy Freakin' Pelosi! She's apparently not left enough for San Francisco!


Polski3 said...

The plant called California, Landoffruitsandnuts, has to have its roots SOMEPLACE. Obiviously, that place IS the Bay Area. And we all know that crap is a good fertilizer.

Darren said...

That's why the freakazoids flourish there.

Katherine B. said...

Wouldn't you rather have them living there than poluting up "perfect" middle America?

Darren said...

Why can't they all move up to Portland or something? Why do they have to pollute middle California?

I'm all for splitting California. It's too big and populous anyway. However, I don't want North and South California. I want West and East California, or Coastal and Inland California. Let's draw the lines where the politics and economies make sense.