Sunday, January 01, 2006

Raising Money As Well As Eyebrows

Teenagers are by nature exhibitionists, especially if they have something to exhibit. Was it for a good cause in this case?

I hope to hear from parents, teachers, and students on this one! In fact, commenters should identify which of those categories, if any, would describe themselves.


Polski3 said...

Well, as both a parent and teacher, I would not condone this type of fundraising activity for any teen group. There are other ways to raise the cash they need for their school activities other than taking off their clothes. IF my boys sought my permission for such a fund raiser, I would say NO.

Cameron said...

I actually took a look at the cover.

It looks intentionally like they're joking. It isn't the least bit serious. They're just trying to be funny. There's nothing wrong with it.
I do believe, however, that one featuring girls would make a lot more money.