Friday, January 20, 2006

My New Favorite Movie

The coupons from Hollywood Video expire tomorrow, so instead of watching Back To The Future Part II tonight, the son and I dined on pork loin on the couch while watching Sky High.

It's my new favorite movie.

I know, you're thinking that the geeks-save-the-school plot has been overdone. You're thinking that the underdogs-win-in-the-end plot has been overdone. You're thinking that the coming-of-age plot has been overdone. You're thinking that you wish I'd quit giving away the story.

It's Disney. You already know the outcome is going to be sugary. What you don't know is how well they've melded these overdone plots into a hilarious whole, how there's just enough that's unique in this movie to keep your interest. I was howling with laughter at some spots, riveted in others. Oh, and the soundtrack--80's music! Freakin' 80's music! Does it get any better than that? No, I say, it does not.

It's a definite "buy now".


Kalroy said...

Covers of 80's songs (one by Bowling for Soup). I think, thouogh, that one of the songs was the original. Still, I agree, loved the movie, and loved the music. Loved the irony of Kurt Russell being cast as a "Dad" figure in a Disney movie, considering how many he'd been in as the "Kid."


Anonymous said...

Told you so!

Glad you liked it.