Monday, January 23, 2006

It's Always A School Worker, A Cop, or A Church Leader

One commenter from a couple posts ago ask where I get some of these stories I comment on. Well, this one I got from, the web site for a local tv news station. I was looking for information on a story they broadcast tonight and saw this one on the web site--so here it is.

I'll forego the comments. I think you can figure out where I stand on the topic.


TangoMan said...

The problem amounts to:

All teachers, cops, and church leaders belong to SET A and share many similar characteristics.

Within SET A are a group SUBSET B, who have all the characteristics of SET A but also are attracted to kids.

Therefore, all B belong to A, but not all A belong to B.

If only the public could keep this straight and not get suspicious.

Darren said...

Venn diagrams, anyone?


Good point you made.

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

It's amazing how many stories like this you hear or read about in the news, however, very rarely do we hear about the outcome. While education has problem employees sometimes they are accused yet found not guilty. I never see headlines that say "Teacher Found Not Guilty. Students Made It Up".

TangoMan said...

Here's a trickier situation, as noted in a comment I left at Education Wonks.