Sunday, January 22, 2006

How To Vote: The Perspective of a Canadian Conservative

Actually, I didn't know there were any conservative Canadians left. It's good to find one, and he wrote an exceptional article. Things are so bad up in Canada that he ended the essay this way:

I’ve heard from so many of these people, who will not vote for the Conservatives tomorrow, because they are disappointed, even disgusted, by the Conservatives’ attempts to distance themselves, or by a local candidate’s “progressive” posturing. Most often, it is the Conservative commitment to the status quo on abortion that is costing them a crucial swing vote.

But the best is often the enemy of the good. Real policy options are not on the table in this election, and we must therefore choose among the modest goods that are available. That is in fact sound Christian doctrine. And once it is understood, I consider it our moral duty to assist in removing the Liberals from power, and replacing them with something a little better. That is the primary thing, tomorrow, and it means, unambiguously, voting Conservative.

I would vote for my local Conservative if he had two heads and five elbows and was married to a same-sex yeti in Tibet. And I would vote for him with a clean conscience.

Read the whole thing. Seriously.

Update, 1/23/06 10:21 pm: Happy news!