Sunday, February 06, 2005

When *Would* You Support A War?

Was the American Revolution justified? It's important to remember that the American colonists paid lower taxes to the crown than Englishmen living on that Blessed Isle, but the colonists had no say in the taxes. Worth a war? Did anything good come of it?

Was the Civil War justified? Prior to that war, common usage was "The United States are..." instead of today's "The United States is..." and that's just one demonstration of how states were considered much more independent then than they are today. Spill blood because a few Southerners didn't want to be part of the US anymore? There are people suggesting secession today--maybe they think the Civil War wasn't justified. Would have saved several hundred thousand lives and those red states wouldn't even be a part of this country. Sorry about all those blacks who'd still be slaves.

Germany and Italy never attacked us in WWII. Should we have ignored Europe and gone solely after the Japanese? Or do we have to consider why they attacked Pearl Harbor in the first place, and correct whatever it was that we were doing wrong?

Was Gulf War I justified? It certainly passed John Kerry's "Global Test". How about Afghanistan? Gulf War II?

It should be pretty obvious where I stand. For those of you who do not agree with my position, I refer you to the questions at this web site:

Be sure to read the comments, too.


BigT said...

RotLT makes a great point. i mean, what more "cause" do u need for war? are we to not back up our word when we say "disarm or there will be consequences"? that would tell everyone around the world that we sure as hell talk the talk. but where would the walk be? people dont make sense to me

BigT said...

my bad. RotLT was meant to say RotLC(standing for Right on the Left Coast). ill make things simple and call u darren from now on

Darren said...

I thought the questions in the link were, as they might say in Britain, "spot on."

Thanks for reading, and thanks for posting!