Thursday, January 10, 2019

Who Is Shocked By This?

Not anyone who has the slightest economics knowledge:

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Pseudotsuga said...

Not so long ago, and not far south of Seattle, in the oddly-named city of SeaTac (it surrounds the Seattle-Tacoma airport), the minimum was raised to 15 dollars per hour, and the cheers rang out from all sides as progressives celebrated.
Now all those McDonald's and WalMart workers could have a "living" wage, and they could pay for their own things, and unicorns would pop up, and gays wouldn't be bashed, etc.
Then reports trickled in: people making $15 per hour were asking for fewer hours. Wait...what? Why would they ask for fewer hours if they were finally making a fair, living wage?
It turns out that the $15 per hour wage gave them too much money to qualify for various government welfare programs. So they asked for fewer hours, in order to make not quite enough money to be disqualified from free stuff from Uncle Sam.

Unintended consequences and human nature are not a part of liberal views of the world.