Monday, January 07, 2019

Back To Work Today

For the first time in two weeks I went back to work.  There were things I had to get done as well as things I wanted to get done.  It was a teacher work day--students return tomorrow--so I had time.

I got my last two classes of final exams graded today.  Got the grades entered into the computer, determined semester grades, and sent them to the registrar.  Those were what I was required to do.

I administered a final exam to a student who missed taking it in December.  I worked with my student teacher on some teaching skills and classroom management techniques.

What I didn't do was start my essays.  I'm applying to be a Fulbright Specialist and, as part of the application process, must write not one but two essays.  Granted, they're relatively short (no more than 10,000 characters/1500 words each), but I must submit them by next Monday.  And I didn't get to them at all today.

After taking a nap when I got home--I'm not used to getting up so early in the morning!--I started each of them tonight.  Sure, I wrote only about 100-150 words on each of them, but now I have ideas swirling around in my mind. As coherent thoughts occur to me I'll make a note of them, add them to the appropriate essay, and supplement with supporting commentary.  Using this method I'll have them done by next Monday.

That was my day.

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