Sunday, November 04, 2018

Worst President Ever?

Worst at staying bought--you don't even hear about Russian collusion anymore.  That's either because there was no collusion in the first place, or because President Trump has acted against Russia in a way that, if there had been collusion, he didn't stay bought.

Worst anti-Semitic president?  Besides moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which several presidents had talked about but never did; besides having Jewish family members; President Trump addresses anti-Semitism head-on:
Jews have never, but never, been given this kind of whole-hearted backing by an American leader before. Jews are used to facing murderous hate alone. We are not used to words that reflect the moral truth. We’re used to mealy mouthed pieties condemning hate on all sides.

A dear friend who is active fighting anti-Semitism wrote me, “It is the strongest statement in support of Jews ever made by an American president.”
(Side note:  I don't want to hear cries of anti-Semitism from the party that cozies up to Louis Farrakhan and Linda Sarsour, and the party of Jimmy Carter.)

Worst white supremacist president?  Well, Woodrow Wilson probably wins the prize, and President Trump comes in close to 44 places behind Wilson:
In the first such use of his executive powers, President Trump on Friday designated a national monument, establishing a 380-acre site in Kentucky to honor African Americans’ role as soldiers during the Civil War.
So yes, in the areas listed above, President Trump is the worst president ever, and the nation as a whole is all the better for it.  The only people not better are liberals.


David said...

All the people who say (fill in recent president here) is the worst one ever really needs to study history more. Buchanan, Pierce, Johnson, and Harding are usually in my bottom 4. They just don't like the current president. People were saying Bush/Obama/Trump is the worst president ever before they came into office.

Anonymous said...

Side question: Is there a "Republican Teacher" organization in America? I am having a hard time finding one online.

Darren said...

Not that I know of.