Tuesday, July 03, 2018

If You Want Me To "Stay Out Of Your Vagina", Don't Ask Me To Pay For It

You knew it had to come from California:
The California state legislature is pushing a bill through the assembly that would mandate college campuses to distribute abortions in the form of a pill. Senate Bill 320 passed the state senate in January, and was propelled through the Assembly’s Committee on Higher Education on Wednesday by a vote of 8-3.

Senate Bill 320 would force public universities and community colleges, funded by the state, to provide abortion drugs for students. Such drugs are to be taken for up to ten weeks into a pregnancy. The bill would also mandate that the colleges – funded by taxpayers – subsidize the cost of the abortions when student health insurance plans are used.

Of course, pro-abortion groups are praising this legislation as a victory for women’s rights, and not a violation of taxpayer protections.

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Ellen K said...

I'm not sure women get to call all the shots on whether or not a baby conceived gets to live and still demand child support after birth.