Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The Left and Their Nazis

From Sarah Hoyt at PJMedia:
I was told by numerous, not visibly insane friends and acquaintances on the election night that Trump would start rounding up minorities within the month.

When it didn’t happen, did it calm down?

Oh, heck no. They ramped it up. Antifa — supposed to be anti-fascists, while acting like brown-shirts — rampaged in the streets. Students are encouraged to prevent “fascist” speakers (like, you know, Jordan Peterson who encourages you to clean your room) from speaking, and there are sites like NaziUSA.

All while Trump reduces regulations and not a single person is imprisoned to cover the regime’s ass, like, say, a filmmaker that the regime decided to blame for attacks on our embassies abroad… under Obama.

So, what is going on?

What is going on is that, taught in schools or not, the knowledge that communism/socialism is a disaster has permeated our collective subconscious. And the idiots still pushing it are bitter, horrible people who want camps and executions… for their opponents. The fact that they’re convinced there’d be paradise once we’re gone does not excuse them. A hundred million broken eggs and not a single omelet.

So they must resurrect the ghost of the Nazis because it’s the only regime ugly enough to justify their othering of us, and their wanting to kill us.

They look through the hatred in their eyes and see the ghosts of Nazis on our side. But it is their side that keeps those ghosts alive, as justification for what they want to do to us.

Nazis don’t exist, except in the hearts of socialists, who need them desperately to excuse the mass murders they intend to commit.

It's time for the left to face the fact they're using Nazis as a shield. And that when the only people you can point to that are worse than you are the Nazis, it's time to abandon your dead-end philosophy.
That's a long snip--go read the whole thing.  And when you do, remember that there are more bronies than Nazis in this country (and probably the world), but the left thinks they're everywhere.  The word "delusional" comes to mind.

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Ellen K said...

Have you seen this yet? It's a little long, but bear through the video. It's interesting.