Thursday, June 14, 2018

Required To Teach About Abortion In The Classroom

This teacher found an interesting if not controversial way to teach about abortion, something she's required to do.  Her presentation wasn't fawning, and you can imagine the Kalifornia result:
A Sutter Middle School science teacher was abiding by a relatively new state law when she raised the issue of abortion in her sex education class this month.

It was the format of her presentation that may have run afoul of guidelines - upsetting some parents and prompting the Sacramento City Unified School District to launch an investigation.

The law, enacted in 2016, requires school districts to ensure that all students in grades seven through twelve receive "comprehensive sexual health education," including information about abortion. Information presented in class must be "medically accurate and objective," according to the law. Parents must be notified of the curriculum in advance, and have the option of excusing their children from all or part of the classes.

The teacher under fire aired graphic videos this month that depicted how abortions are performed during various stages of pregnancy. The videos are narrated by physician and anti-abortion activist Anthony Levatino, who describes in detail how the procedures destroy fetuses and urges viewers to "protect the unborn."
If we don't "protect the unborn", we won't need so many teachers and administrators in the future. You'd think the teachers union would be all about protecting this woman!

Anyway, this story is a reminder that the right to life movement isn't about controlling women's bodies, especially given that half of the right to life movement is women.

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