Monday, June 11, 2018

Making The Rest Of Us Look Bad

Attending West Point does not make us firearms savants:
A couple of years ago there was this “violence planner” named Bob Bateman, whose hoplophobic keyboard emissions became infamous on the Internet as arrogant, disingenuous, and tyrannical, drawing the ire of such defenders of the Constitution as Tom Kratman, Michael Z. Williamson, and Jonn Lilyea. Bateman was a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, who claimed the moral authority and expertise to relieve you of your rights, because he was a planner of violence. “I orchestrate violence,” he claimed, and then proceeded to cry about how gun rights advocates “threatened” him and made him cry. As you can imagine, the ridicule was epic.

More recently, another Army occifer dope named Dan Helmer, who is running for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District, tried to use a similar appeal to authority (and a whole lot of obfuscation and lies) to derp about “assault” weapons, of which he showed precious little knowledge.

And now there’s Becky. Becky, you see, is a veteran, which she repeatedly points out, whose “vast” knowledge of firearms includes hunting trips with Daddy when she was 12 and “honing” her skillz with an M-16 at West Point...

Let’s focus on the fact that the rifles used in school shootings from Columbine to Santa Fe had nothing to do with rifles we used in the military. Semi-automatic rifles, handguns, improvised explosives, but no select-fire or automatic firearms. The fact that Becky tries to conflate military weapons with the firearms used in school shootings shows her to be either ignorant or disingenuous. Neither one is good.
It goes downhill from there, with the authors at Victory Girls Blog providing a strong tailwind, including this hurricane-force violence:
Note the following:

Becky tries to create the impression that she was some kind of kickass female who was in charge of commandos. She wasn’t.

Becky was in when women weren’t allowed in combat, and certainly not in Special Forces. From everything I’m reading, she may have been Civil Affairs. Nothing wrong with that, but the fact that she obfuscates her actual experience by claiming to have commanded SpecOps companies and doesn’t give details about her job, tells me she is intentionally masking her real background to bolster her “street cred” as a firearms expert, vice just another troop who qualified once per year like the rest of us.
There's more, and it's even better. Becky ends up a tattered white flag blowing in the wind by the end of the piece.

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