Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Last Day With Students

Today was the last day of school for our students, teachers have a work day tomorrow.

Out of 5 classes of students I had only one who failed a course.  I've been accused of many things in my time, but never of having standards that are too low, so I'm going to call this a victory.  Only 1 student who failed a course isn't bad!

The other side of not "having standards that are too low" is the parent conference I have tomorrow, wherein a student who earned a C+, along with his father, are going to attempt to convince me that I should give the student a B-.

Just that, and putting away all the stuff in my classroom, and I'll call it not just a day or a week, but also a school year!


David said...

My school's last day is Thursday. Graduation is Friday.
In all of my classes combined, I only have 3 failing students. Those 3 are failing because they don't care about 8th grade graduation and thus fail most of their classes.
My standards are not low. I just put a lot of effort into making sure kids don't fail (calling/emailing home; giving study guides; staying after class for tutoring; being there to answer emails at night).

Ellen K said...

We got out at 8:00 PM last night. We're supposed to have a half day today, but opt to stay four hours later to check out. My problem is that we have seniors who don't need my class to graduate, but who refuse to work b/c they aren't going to college and they don't care. Two of these geniuses wound up in my Drawing 2 class. They made a 3. That is not a typo. They literally did next to nothing. Absolutely amazingly arrogant.

Anonymous said...

Well, did the grade change?

Darren said...

That would tread dangerously close to Privacy Act information!