Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What's Good For The Goose, Part 8 Million

Instapundit always says that the left isn't going to like living by the rules they've installed, and here's an entertaining example from Rutgers:
Students at Rutgers Law School are condemning two campus organizations for making an “intimidating” suggestion that President Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

The students voiced their objection to a statement filed by the Rutgers Student Bar Association (SBA) Safety and Wellness Committee and the Federalist Society in early May, supporting “the movement for...Trump to win the Nobel Peace prize for his efforts towards securing peace on the Korean peninsula"...

The provocative joint declaration, however, was not received well by multiple student organizations, which penned a joint response letter blasting the two groups and labeling their statement as “harmful” and “dangerous.”

“On May 2, 2018, the Federalist Society and the SBA Safety and Wellness Committee issued a joint statement supporting Donald Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize,” the students wrote. “Many students on our campus felt that we needed to raise our voices in opposition to such a harmful statement.”

“Although we support freedom of expression, we do not condone unilateral, damaging statements masquerading as representative of our entire student body,” they continued. “Furthermore, this particular statement is made at the expense of students who experience the structural inequality of the Trump administration.”

The students went on to outline several key reasons as to why they oppose giving the prize to Trump, including an assertion that the law school “is made up of a diverse student body, many of whom have been threatened or harmed by Trump’s statements and policies.”
Oh, boo-fricken-hoo. If you're harmed by statements, grow some tougher skin. I'm curious what policies have hurt them.
In a separate statement, SBA President John DeLuca stressed that SBA members do not have the constitutional power to make political statements on behalf of the entire organization without bringing the matter to a vote, something he said he brought up with Social Equity Committee Chair Omar Rana after his committee issued the unapproved statement.

Upon determining that Rana had no intention of revising the document, and concluding that “my internal methods of resolution were exhausted,” DeLuca sought to make his point by demonstrating why it is important to follow the protocols outlined in the SBA Constitution.
The hypocrisy would astound if it weren't so commonplace on the left.


PhillipMarlowe said...

"The hypocrisy would astound if it weren't so commonplace on the left."
Yeah, like the draining of the swamp.

Sorta like your bitchin' and moaning' about California.
Why not move to Oklahoma or Kansas, those great conservative states that pay their teachers well?

Please drink more of that Everclear straight up. If I knew what school you taught at, I would have dropped a few bottles off 16 days ago.

A dumb fuck, like your president.

Darren said...

I'm already looking at real estate outside of California. But I thank you for your suggestions about as much as I thank you for your use of foul language. Have you no better vocabulary, no more mature way of expressing yourself? Typical leftie.