Thursday, May 31, 2018

New Hire

The student teacher I've worked with for the past school year has finally been offered a job--at my school.  She's gotten other offers, even in other districts, but she held out because she wanted to continue working with us.  Her patience (our district is exceedingly slow about such things) paid off both for her and for us.  I talked to her today about the classrooms that will be available next year!

By the way, she's the last student in her credential program cohort to accept a job offer.


David said...

As someone who has had several student teachers over the years, it’s always nice to hear that they got a job. Unfortunately circumstances never worked out where they got a job at my school.

Auntie Ann said...

It's hard to believe they leave people up in the air as late as they do.

Our kid's private school made it clear to all the teachers (or most of them) that they were only on 1-year contracts and wouldn't tell anyone they were coming back until some time in May: too late to look for them to find another job for the next academic year. A horrible way to treat people.