Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Top 10 Reasons Liberals Reflexively Blame the NRA for Shootings

This is a great article, well worth your time.  Here are a few of the reasons:
10: They're Rage-Filled and Projecting
9: They're Not Really Fans of History
3: They're Euro Fetishists
2: Liberals Hate the Constitution
Read the rest, as well as the justifications, at the link.

By the way, after yesterday's YouTube shooting, more animal rights activists--and more vegans, and more vegan animal rights activists--have been involved in mass shootings than have NRA members. Yet the lefties always want to attack the NRA.

And no, I'm not an NRA member, but I appreciate organizations that support the Bill of Rights.

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Mike Thiac said...

There was a shooting at YouTube? Haven't heard anything about it. Nothing on NBC, NY Times, MSNBC, CNN...

Tell me what happened? ;<)